Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Often Read Customer Emails Sent to Him and Makes Sure That Customers Were Satisfied. in Such a Case, Omkar Hanmante From Mumbai Got His Refund

 Omkar Hanmante, an Amazon India user from Mumbai wrote directly to Jeff Bezos about his complaint and to his surprise, his mail was acknowledged and his problem solved.

Jeff Bezos is known for often reading customer emails sent to him. He makes sure to help and resolve the complaints Amazon customers have. 

According to the reports, Omkar ordered a phone for his grandmother which he never received. His order was of a basic Nokia phone. It was prepaid. Though he received the message of the package being delivered to him, he never got the package.

Apparently the delivery guy left the package at the society gate which was stolen by someone else. Omkar complained that he didn’t even get any call from the delivery executive about the delivery of the package. Disappointed with the service, Omkar wrote an email to Jeff Bezos about the incident. He even wrote about the CCTV footage which was evidence of the incidence.

Soon after he received an email saying – “Jeff Bezos received your email and I’m responding on his behalf”, by Amazon executives. 

As he was promised, the matter was looked upon by Amazon. Upon investigations they found that Omkar’s parcel was indeed not handed to him personally. It was left at the society gate by the delivery executive. As stated by Omkar Hanmante, CCTV footage showed a man stealing the phone from the gate.

Omkar Hanmante got his refund after all the investigations though it took much time. Omkar stated that he was satisfied with the customer service and Amazon has won back his trust as a customer.

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