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Aman Baisla Committed Sucide a Girl Puts Fake Allegations Where Sumit Goswami Threatened Aman to Kill Him

A 22-year-old boy Aman Baisla hanged himself in the Rohini sector 11 areas of the New Delhi. Before committing suicide he posted all the reasons why he decided to kill himself. He posted a video on Facebook which contains many chats and recordings of calls he got from his blackmailers and posted 6 videos on Instagram. He also stated that “how will I get when Sushant is not getting justice?”

The boy is getting threatening calls from three people Neha Jindal, Sumit Goswami, and Vipin Khatri. Despite all the proof, he provided in the video, police investigated the accused searching for more proofs. According to the video posted on social media, he was being tortured by those people for the last year, having no choice and help he decided to end his life. He was mentally harassed by those cunning people. All this was started when Aman met Neha Jindal and started a hotel amenities business by taking a loan of 5 lakh rupees to form her own father. Later, because of some reasons Neha left the partnership and started working with Sumit Goswami. It was then Neha, Sumit and his friend Vipin started threatening him for money and you can find the other details by watching the video he posted. A few days ago Neha Jindal met Aman in a car and demanded one Million rupees by October otherwise she threatened him by saying she would register a rape case on him. Aman was so helpless that no one believes him if he said this, not even the police. Everyone would favor women in such cases. Neha also took away his car which was on a loan and demanded more money.

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All these continuous blackmails put Aman in mental distress, he decided to end his life. The investigation is still going on and lets hope at least Aman gets Justice.