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Always a witch Season 2 – Release date, cast and plot

The fantasy series is all set to return in Netflix by February 2020. It is expected that it will be released on 28th February 2020. The series is second Colombian series which is been shot entirely in Columbia in locations like  Bogota, Cartagena, and Honda.

The series is based on young witch who travels to the future to prevent being burned at stake.

Angely Gaviria, who essays the main character had this to say  “The wait is over, we finally started the second season of ‘Siempre bruja.’ What a thrill!” The second season was announced over social media and it will be aired in Spanish.

The issue or the reason why there was a delay is because of the name of the show and due to cultural differences. It is not actually second season but a renewal which is being done by Netflix.

The season has dark magic and time travelling. These two components are present in witch. It showcases a 17th century witch who does time travel to the future to save the man she loves but before she will be able to do that she has to adjust to present day Cartagena and defeat a dark rival.

Angely Gaviria, Óscar Casas and Sofía Araujo essays important roles in the series. It is interesting to see how concepts of dark magic and time travelling is portrayed. As the witch travels to future it is confusing how to handle situations.

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The plot revolves around 19 year old Carmen who is a slave and a witch. She falls for a white man which is a crime and makes her punishable to be burned at the stake.  She then receives salvation, though,  an old wizard offers her the ability to jump in time to a place where nobody believes in witches. She agrees not to use any superpowers in exchange of time travelling  and as such she is transported to modern-day Colombia. Over there she starts her new life, she gets new friends and does everything that normal person will do but yet one thing remains, that she will always remain a witch no matter what. 

This fantasy series is interesting to watch and despite controversies is being widely accepted and liked by many people across the globe. The second season is much awaited and looked forward to by audiences.