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Altered Carbon Season 3: will the series return to Netflix ?


Altered Carbon is the sci fi web series aired on Netflix which is based on Richard K. Morgan’s cyberpunk novel. The series is written and created by Laeta Kalogridis.
John G. Lenic is the producer of the series.

Two seasons have been released of the series till date, first debuting on 2nd February 2018 with ten episodes. The series was renewd on 27th July 2018 for second which aired recently on 27th February,2020.

The series is set in future nearly 360 years after the time. In this time, technology has been developed to the level that humans can restore the consiousness in different bodies in the form of stacks. The story is about a wealthy man Bancroft who decides to revive the former soldier ‘Takeshi Kovacs’ to investigate his own murder. The series follows the events in life of Takeshi Kovacs after his revival.

Both the seasons recieved quite an appreciation from fans and critics but it’s still unclear if the series is going to be renewed or not. Netflix or the makers of the film have not yet announced the renewal. First season was released in February 2018 while second was released in February 2020. So if the series is about to get the third part, we will have to wait for it till 2022.

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The series had a fabulous team of actors. Takeshi Kovacs was played. Y Joel Kinnama. I’m season 1 and Anthony Mackie in season 2. James purefoy played he role ofLaurens Bancroft while Naomi /Miriam Bancroft was played by KawaharaKristin Lehman. Martha Higareda and Dichem Lachma played Kristin Ortega and Reileen respectively.

The series did acquire love and appreciation from fans so we only can hope that the season three will be back soon !