All You need To Know About Quiz and Dare Games

Are you annoyed by the boredom?? Wanna try some fun things with your friends?? We got you!

Friends… these days can only be connected online, we all know why! Though some are finding their way..ah nevertheless..
No matter how much we talk or how much we share, we always want to know what they’re thinking about us in their minds or are they even care to understand us?? We can never say what’s there in someone’s mind right!!?

So here we planned some quizzes
Friendship quizzes.. You may be already aware of these types of online quizzes
We have 4 dares quizzes to check your friendship
To know how much your best friend knows about you!

Bestfriend dare quiz, yes or no quiz, WhatsApp friendship quiz,  Best friendship Dare quiz..

Try any of them with your friends..but remember these are created for fun and take nothing seriously
If your best friend or what’s app best friend scored less or got wrong about anything, you can always correct her/him and you can talk about that..

Mostly we don’t find something to talk about when we really wanna talk…in such cases, maybe these types of fun quiz activities might help you. You can know more about your friends and can have fun at the same time.

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So, try the quizzes but don’t bother if your friend gets wrong..lol