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All You Need to Know About “Duncanville”

An American animated sitcom co-created by Amy Poehler, Julie Scully and Mike Scully under the banner of Fox Broadcasting Company. It premiered on February 16, 2020 and has till date seen the release of four episodes. It is said to be another variation of the iconic family sitcom “The Simpsons”, but we’ve to wait and see what it really is considering that the show’s just started.

Duncanville is Poehler’s second animated series after Mighty B! which aired on Nickelodeon, and later in Nicktoons from 2008 to 2011. The news that an animated comedy series written jointly by Amy Poehler, Mike Scully and Julie Scully first came in August, 2017 as reported by Fox. Later on, it was revealed that the show would be produced by its writers and Dave Becky through Paer Kite Productions and 3 Arts Entertainment.

The series revolves around the life of a family and the people associated with the members of the family. However, it focusses on the life of Duncan Harris, an average fifteen-year-old, who hopes to make it big without “having to wear a suit” but is always one step away from taking a bad decision. He lives with his mother Annie Harris, a parking enforcement officer who hopes to become a great detective; his father, Jack Harris, a plumber by profession, who wants to prove that he is a better parent than his own; sisters Kimberly, who has her “normal teenage phases”; and, adopted sister Jing, a smart five-year-old who is seen giving Duncan advices and wants to marry Duncan, her brother.

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The first two episodes of the series seem to be filled with a lot of introductions. It takes its own time introducing Duncan’s friends too. We are introduced to Mia, the coolest in the gang (and Duncan’s “out-of-his-own-league” crush) and a pizza delivery girl who is infiltrating news about an evil pie-making empire.

The series tries to blend many the comedy and coming-of-age genres together. However, we need to see whether it’ll turn out to be a poor variation of “The Simpsons” or a refreshing series about an ordinary family through the eyes of all the members.

Duncanville Cast

• Amy Poehler as Duncan Harris and Annie Harris
• Ty Burell as Jack Harris
• Riki Lindhome as Kimberly Harris
• Joy Osmanski as Jing Harris
• Rashida Jones as Mia
• Wiz Khalifa as Mr. Mitch
• Betsy Sodaro as Bex
• Yassir Lester as Yangzi
• Zach Cherry as Wolf


Indie Wire gave the first two episodes of the show a B- stating that the show needed a title bit more time to secure its holding in the sitcom arena.


Duncanville premiered on Sunday, February 16, 202 at 8:30 p.m. on Fox Channel.