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All You Need to Know Abou What Is “The Raid 3” About

The raid is an Indonesian crime action film .The maker of the film is Gareth evans.

It first came in 2011 .It was so impressive ,the stunts in the movie was quite amazing so the makers came up with the next sequel of the film ,the raid 2: Berandal .

What Is The Raid About?

The film managed to deal with corruption,international drug trafficking,and the actions of the police force  and  all made it to reach at  the top of any action movie.

Is The Raid 3 on the Way?

When everyone was expecting the third sequel of the movie,Gareth Evans explained that despite having a storyline in his mind,he is not going for it because he has moved his interest to some other projects.

Gareth evans has directed the movie apostle,even he has created and directed episodes of British series ‘gangs of london’.

The story for raid 3 will start from from the moment in raid 2 when the goto and japanese gang was having a meeting and goto instructed his right hand to kill each and every corrupt cop and politician so they can start fresh.

The raid 3 will start when rama will come out of the building after finishing all the corrupt ones and joins a car ride with inspector bunawar and suddenly there is a crash between two cars.The only person who survived from the accident are goto,his son and his right hand.

Evans revealed that  the film will take another leap in past time …since goto has no idea that his right hand has betrayed him and has not killed anybody .He has discussed all the plans of goto with Tokyo -the huge boss.The boss had already confirmed that he will take care of everything and he will help him to take over his turf.

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This was dropped on Netflix and Evans can count on it.

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