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All Harry Potter Fans Get Ready Fantastic Beats 3 Back, No Need to Wait Longer: Release Date, Cast and Plot

Yes Yes You Read It Absolutely Right!

So there’s a really good news between all these bad news in 2020 that fantastic beasts 3 would be launched in in upcoming year. All the Harry Potter fans were really excited after watching fantastic beast and now, when it is time for the third part we cannot measure their happiness.

Fantastic Beats 3 Release Date of This Upcoming Film

It has been officially announced by Warner Bros that the third film would be arriving on November 12 2021 to win hearts. The shooting of this movie was expected to start in Spring of 2020 but due to Corona virus pandemic, the industry faced delay. Warner Bros pictures groups chairman said that there is a lot of time available between the release date so that we can actually produce a really super duper hit film.

Fantastic Beats 3 More Details About the Cast

The cast members who are expected to return in the upcoming film are Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law, Katherine Waterston, Dan fogler, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller. Also, Johnny Depp would also be returning despite what is happening in his personal life currently.

Fantastic Beats 3: What Could Be the Plot or Story Line ?

Although details about plot have not been revealed yet and kept as a secret but from various tweets, we can expect that the movie shooting might take place in Brazil. You can read our site for the confirmation  details as these are just the Expectations.
Moreover, audience is looking forward to the third part of fantastic beasts as the previous two parts were a successful hit in the film industry. Harry Potter lovers are eagerly waiting for this part and guessing about the story line based on previous plots.
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