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All Guide About How To Make Hand Sanitizer At Home With Aloe Vera Plants

Sanitize And Stay Safe

In today’s world,where everyone is suffering from the most common virus COVID-19,which is observed to increase it’s impact continuously,to clean our hands had become an important part of our survival..Though sanitizers are available in the market but being completely made up of chemicals,it cannot be treated as a safe product.

Less Expenses, More Benefit

Hand sanitizers can be manufactured in small quantity in our homes as well. All we need are the following ingredients-



3.GLYCEROL AND HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – to manufacture in large quantity.

“What Does Who Says”

According to report of world health organisation, aloe vera and alcohol are the best source to produce sanitizers.Moreover,hydrogen peroxide being antiseptic in nature and more viscous than water and glycerol being hygroscopic in nature can prove to be helpful in making sanitizers.

Small Efforts-big Advantages”

Sanitizers can be prepared by takin alcohol approximately 60%(3/4 cup), 1/4 cup aloe vera and by mixing them in a clean bowl and preparing a gel.The resultant product will be a sanitizer in the form of a gel.

Stay Safe! Use Sanitizer

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