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All Adults Here: What Mystery Does Emma Straub Reveal in Showing Parent-Children Relationship? Release Date, Cast and Plot

Emma Straub has been an anticipated writer this year. According to The Today Show, her upcoming book ‘All Adults Here’ is one of the most expected books written by her. Not just them but Good Morning America, Marie Claire, Buzzfeed. Vogue, Good Reads and many other think the same thing. Besides that, the book is nearly here and we have some things you should know about Emma’s upcoming novel.

About Emma Straub

She is one the bestselling authors, according to New York Times. Some of her books have been very popular among the people. For instance, Modern Lovers, The Vacationars, also, All Adults here are just some of the novels written by her. Besides this, Emma has already gone international. She is also the co-owner of a bookstore. The other co-owner is her husband. The bookstore is situated in Brooklyn.

Plot for All Adults Here

Astrid, a 68 year old woman, is the main character of the novel. She is a witness of a accident. The accident is of a school bus. After she sees that accident happen, she has a newfound belief. She starts to think that life is short. That means, she needs to clear everything up and tell the long-kept secrets to her children. However, she thinks about the reaction and problems she will face.

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Emma will be portraying a lot of topics which are not talked about directly. She will address many issues. For instance, cyberbullying, infidelity and especially the problems that arise with small minded people and their negative thoughts about LGBTQ community. This novel will certainly prove to be a very special one as Emma really put an effort in.

Some Reviews

Many people found this book to be informative and quite fun to read. However, some were a bit disappointed. They thought that the plot could have been a bit better. Besides this, people like the starting of the novel as it really delved deep into the character. However, the second half of the book seemed to lack some things.

Release Date

All Adults Here has been release on 4th March, 2020. You can find it online right now. However, you won’t be able to buy hardcopy for now.