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All about Money Heist La Casa De Papel Season 4

Money Heist is going to return for the fourth season on 3rd April 2020 globally. It is the Spanish series which is one of the popular titles on Netflix. After Netflix picked up Money Heist to air internationally, the series became an instant success.

The first two seasons of Money Heist aired in Spain, and for the season 3, it has become a full Netflix Original.

Over 34 million viewers across the world have turned on Netflix to watch the Money Heist show. And now, season four of Money Heist is coming back to hit the screens and gain more popularity.

What to expect from season 4 of Money Heist?

The gang of Money Heist is back to perform a big heist as compared with the previous one. However, their motive was to try and rescue one of their team members, named Rio, who has been captured by the authorities. In the eighth episode of the show, it has become an all-out war between the gang and the authorities.

A pregnant woman is trying to bring the band in. The plan of the Professor is seemingly up in the air along with the new police negotiator who is firmly in control. In the official date reveal for Money Heist season 4, Nairobi is going to be back although she gets wounded.

The cast of Money Heist season 4

The fans of Money Heist are eager to see Nairobi as she got a shoot in season 3. Along with it, fans are expecting to see Rio, Racquel, Professor, Arturito, and many other previous seasons cast to retake in season 4.

The fans are waiting for an exciting escape of the gang members. However, the creators have confirmed that this time, it will be something different going to happen in the fourth season. Money Heist has become an instant hit which has a huge fanbase.

When will fourth season of Money Heist release?

Alex Pina has confirmed that filming and production for the fourth season followed the season 3. And the season 4 of Money Heist is expected to release in April 2020. The latest episodes of the money heist are set to pick up what will happen next in dramatic season.

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