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Alita battle angel 2 release date, plot, cast and new details we know so far

Alita battle angel 2 release date, plot, cast and new details we know so far

What is the Alita battle angel about?

This series is based on a film that is fully life actioned.In the series a doctor found a girl ,a battle cyborg and realised that her human brain is still working and he repaired her robotic body.Then alita is set on a mission to find about her real existence.This series was first time came in14th February 2019.

Fans loved the first part of the movie very much and expecting for the next part soon.


No official date has been revealed about the release date of Alita battle angel 2,but if we rely on sources then ,it is believed that it will be released in 2022.

Since the fox entertainment and disney is fused ,the next part may have some apparent changes ,and may have various twists and turns.

Alita Battle Angel 2: about the trailer

There is no trailer for Alita Battle Angel 2 yet,but it will come once  the date for the release of the series is confirmed.

Who is all going to Cast in Alita Battle Angel 2?

Casting characters to be seen in alita battle angel 2 are Rosa Salazar (Alita)Christoph Waltz(surrogate father of Alita) Dr Dyson Ido(scientist) and Edward Norton (the mysterious Nova.)

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What will be the Story for Alita Battle Angel 2?

It starts with a war ,and after its 300 years ,Dr ido got a cyber bug in the dump,he was quite surprised to see that body was all destroyed but the human brain was still working in its place.He decides the  name of the robot as alita and makes every single effort to make her alive.We will also come across a character hugo ,the love of alita’s life.

The whole series revolves around the robot,as how she meets new people and gains some new experiences in her way.Hugo reveals to her about the place from where he came.

Alita cannot lose the fight as she had got a new robotic body by Dr ido.

Many more fights  will be seen in Alita battle angel 2.