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Alita Battle Angel 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and All the Details You Should Know

The two creators of the movie, Alita Battle Angel was received very well by the audience. The movie is a live-action film that is based on a popular Japanese manga series. Alita Battle Angel crossed $400 million after it was released last year. Fans have been eagerly waiting to get Alita Battle Angel 2.

James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez see the movie becoming a series. There is a lot they can experiment with. Read the whole article to find more details on the sequel.

When will Alita Battle Angel 2 release?

A popular movie like Alita Battle Angel is said to have a sequel. It may happen sooner than we think. Of course, the production must have been put on hold due to the worldwide pandemic and lockdowns. There has to be a delay. The sequel might be out next year or maybe another after that.

Who will be in the cast of Alita Battle Angel 2?

Alita will again be played by Rosa Salazar in the upcoming sequel. Subsequently, Dr Dyson Ido, who is a scientist and “father” of Alita would again be played by Christopher Waltz. Nova will be played by Edward Norton.

We will probably see some more characters in the sequel and more action as well.

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What will be the plot of Alita Battle Angel 2?

Firstly, Nova appeared at basically the end of the movie. So, there is not much to speculate other than Nova might be seen more in the sequel. We do not know if he is a good character or a bad one.

There are some rumours regarding Alita. She might face some problems regarding her heart. There is a chance that this movie might be a prequel. If so, we will see the old Alita. The one who has all her memories and abilities.

We can’t say for sure right now but who knows what the creators are going to do.

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