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Alicia Silverstone Recalls Hurtful Body Shaming With Playing a Role Over ‘Batgirl’

Alicia Silverstone recalls her terrible experience of body-shaming in 1997 she got the role of a character named ‘batgirl’ in the Batman & Robin movie. Later on, because of her physical appearance, she became famous by name ‘fat girl’.
The people use to mock her because of her massive weight and many times they use to make fun of her curves looked in the fit body outfit.

After twenty-three years she opened up about the pain she has felt due to body shaming. The Bat’s man actress has said in her interview to a magazine that in her younger age she has been a victim of body shaming many times.
She said that it was hurtful, but she is confident to ignore inevitable criticism as she knows that they all are wrong. As she knows that this was not right to make fun of someone’s body shape. She revealed the nickname for which was mocked, and that was her painful experience.

She also said that though it has played the most significant role in Batsman & Robin film and her appearance in the movie is still inspiring her. Now, these days she is enjoying her motherhood, the forty-three-year-old actress has revealed that the unwanted public attention has unaffected her self- esteem as she has now grown up and is well matured.
She has spoken about the break-in her career, and she has never felt to come back in her acting career. Once because of body shaming factor, she has left a loving acting career.
But now her maturity has developed her self- esteem to accept her physical appearance as she loves herself much and she is happy to play the roles in movie while being a fat woman. She is proud of being a good actress in big films as well as a well established vegan activist.

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