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Aladdin 2: Story, Update, and Everything To Expect in This Film

Disney has made a blockbuster to the series Aladdin. Now Guy Ritchie is planning back for returning to his director chair. Mena Massoud, Smith, and Naomi Scott are expected to reprise the role of Aladdin, Genie, and Jasmine. They are back with another series of Aladdin as β€œAladdin 2.” Last June, the Disney writers have been in a meeting with writers for a new story.
Updates on Aladdin 2
The new upcoming series Aladdin 2 is encouraging people who want to return adventure to Agrabah. It will come up with a unique story and good news for those tired with live-action remakes. It is an animated sequel that follows stories of Jafar returning. However, the series, Aladdin 2 is expected to come with similar elements as of Aladdin. The script of this series is from Berloff and Gatins. According to the news, Aladdin 2 has acquired a prime position to come into fame very quickly.

Currently, Smith is busy with another project filming Bad Boys 4. However, the makers will make sure to find a way to bring him back. However, Aladdin 2 is exceeding the expectations of the people at the box office. Aladdin 2 is about to set a not very common example of a live-action remake with a sequel.
Working of Disney on Aladdin 2

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Disney has always been extraordinary with its stories. They are looking for a new account for a new series. In a meeting with writers, they have finally met their goal of a new story with Aladdin 2. And eventually, they have hired two writers Andrea Berloff and John Gatins. However, till now the script is not entirely written with no official sign on it.
Nobody knows what this sequel is all about. One side the producers and studio were searching for an idea from One Thousand and One Night. Also, they have looked into many Middle Eastern folks takes as per the reporters.
Aladdin 2 will surely get a new take, and a film will get released theatrically. However, it is bad news for The Return of Jafar lovers. Now they will not be able to see a movie in live-action. Aladdin has made a blockbuster with more than a billion dollars. Hope for the same from next series Aladdin 2.