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AJ and the Queen Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Plot and Other Details You Should Check Here

This comedy drama released on Netflix about 2 years ago. It depicted the journey on an elderly woman and her sidekick, exploring the countryside in their RV vehicle.
Primary response to the show never really geared up or encouraged the producers. Thus a return for the show was scrapped.

AJ and The Queen Season 2 Plot Details

It majorly deals with the story of Ruby the Queen, a once famous drag artist. She travels the states in her RV. On one such journey she comes across AJ, who is a nine year old stowaway.

We saw how the bond of love and motherly affection grew in Ruby, who slowly falls in love with the child. They explore a lot of fun places together. The show is replete with comic one liners and interesting twists in the plot.

However they get separated after one such journey, when both of them mutually decide to return to their homes. However Ruby fears that the police might question her since she kept a little girl in custody for such a long period of time.

Although the plot of the story was very interesting, it did not live up to the expectations and became a box office dud. The show was unsuccessful in the streaming platform with very marginal number of viewers.

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AJ and The Queen Season 2 Cast and Release

As of now, the second season for the show has been cancelled. Ru Paul was the woman who was casted in the role of The Queen and she was supposed to reprise her role.
But after the responses the show received it was completely shelved off. If there is any slight chance that the show might have a second season, it will be around 2021. The release date for that timeline has not been decided as of today.

Fans would be judicious in going by the fact that the second season may never release. Those who by now have not watched the series can watch it on Netflix.