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Aj and the Queen Is There Any Chance Season 2 to Be Released

AJ and The Queen is an original Netflix series. It revolves around Ruby Red, a drag queen who is down on luck. She travels with AJ, a tough 10-year-old orphan.

They travel to different cities portraying and giving the message of love and acceptance between people. The show received a positive response from the audience.

Here’s what we know about the show coming back for season 2.

Netflix cancelled the show : Aj and the Queen Season 2?

On March 6th 2020, RuPaul who plays the role of Ruby Red on the show tweeted that it is the end of the road for AJ and The Queen. The tweet probably meant that Netflix has officially cancelled the show. It won’t be coming back for a new season. Of course, it was a shocking news for the fans who fell in love with the show.

Will the show Aj and the Queen Season 2 come back?

Well, according to some fan’s theories and by looking back through the past, Netflix has always shown a big heart. Similarly to Lucifer, it could happen for AJ and The Queen too. That showed the audience, the truth about Netflix. For AJ and The Queen, if fans around the world gather and cast their voice, Netflix might consider the possibility of bringing the show in future.

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It may not happen this year or the next but it could become a possibility. It totally depends on resolution and patience of the fans and the acceptability of Netflix.

What Will the Plot of Aj and the Queen Season 2 Be?

The way season 1 ended, fans were left with a lot of unanswered questions and it seems like they would love to get the answers. If season 2 does happen, we could see what the future of the characters was and what happened to Robert and AJ after they parted with each other.

Consequently, We can’t make any assumptions. In case we do get the show back for a new season, fans, around the world will be very happy. What Netflix decides will be final though.

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