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Aj and The Queen Is There Any Chance for Season 2

“AJ and the Queen” is a series which revolves around the adventures of Robert aka Ruby Red working as The Drag Queen played by RuPaul and his colleague AJ who is a 10-year-old child with some street smarts under his innocent visage.

What’s the series is all about?

The series revealed quite a unique cast of people who are in the cast were interesting as well. Michael Leon-Wooley, Josh Segarra and Tia Carrere. With a cast like that, the show was able to give only a few cliffhangers by the end of its first season.

Now, The question is whether the series is going to come back for a second season. At the end of the season, we were able to witness that AJ was reunited with her drug addict mother Brianna. Robert now wants to adopt AJ and with that, his friend Louis aka Cocoa Butter has been crowned the first alternate for Miss Drag USA and with that Robert has no money in his pocket.

So, that’s what happened in Season 1 but the question is will there be a second season as Netflix haven’t renewed it for the second season.

What’s the future of the upcoming season?

If we look at the pattern, then we can say that the upcoming series is going to be coming by the early or mid-2021. As the first season also took a long time. Other than that, RuPaul has also other shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race which is currently running for the 13th season and with that RuPaul Drag Race All-Stars which is having 5 seasons in all in all.

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The first season was all about the AJ and Robert “The Queen” as these two were unable to get along with each other and with that Lady Danger and Hector was shushing Robert,  It seems that both of them are trying to kill Robert although that’s not something we really not sure about.

So, let’s just wait and watch what’s heading our way for the upcoming season.