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Ahir Regiment Haq Hai Hamara Trends on Twitter

The Demand to establish the Army’s Ahir Regiment has suddenly caught up again. #अहीर_रेजिमेंट_हक़_है_हमारा is trending on the social media platform Twitter once again. Until now, more than 400K tweets have poured in support of the campaign. The citizens of Ahir society are demanding that the Ahir Regiment be established in memory of the courageous Ahir soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the nation.

In the middle of India’s border conflict with China, this proposal has recently begun to gather strength. People are exchanging their opinions through various kinds of posts on the microblogging platform. Some people said that the Ahir’s are in the majority and their courage and bravery displayed in the 1962 war against China is incomparable.

Sharad Yadav Showed His Support

The former MP has shown his support in the cause by tweeting for the same. He said that it is unjust that until now, there has been no regiment despite their large population and the Govt. should look into the matter.

The Demand Is Not New

In 2016, the All India Yadav Mahasabha raised their voices into this matter and the Rejangala Shaheed Foundation has done many demonstrations in the past. The Samajwadi Party had even made this their manifesto for the 2019 elections with the Yadav Society saying that out of the martyred 114 soldiers, 112 were Yadavs.

But the current BJP Govt. had earlier made it clear that there won’t be any regiment in the name of a caste. The policy of the Govt. is not to set up any new regiment for any particular class, community, religion, or region. According to the policies, there are no restrictions on who may join the Indian Army as long as the citizen is an Indian.

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