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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 7 Episode 5 Release Date and What’s Gonna Happened Ahead ?

Marvel for a decade now has been the most enlightening topic of conversation among the teenagers. Films and series of epic magnitude have braced the audiences with tears and joy simultaneously. Over the years through its impeccable sense of film making and subtle plot, it has made its way into the hearts of millions of people all around the world. It has grown to become the biggest and most successful franchise in the history of Cinema, in terns of revenue generation. Marvel has also forayed into the television world with Marvel Agents of Shield. It is a backstory to the series of successful Marvel films starting with Iron Man and Captain America First Avenger. Here are some details about the latest episode that is about to air on TV and OTT Platforms.

Agents of Shield Season 7 Episode 5: Plot

In the last episodes, we saw the agents fighting off the threat posed by Chronicoms. There was a sense of conflict that aroused with the agents traveling to the past. Their only intention was to rewrite events from the past, that might have led to a conflict between Shield and Hydra. Area 51 was projected as a nuclear site where there was an unlimited potential of power generation. The agents went there in order to retrieve a weapon and not let it fall into the wrong hands. In episode 5 of season 7, we will see the agents traveling to the past again. It is being rumored that they would be traveling to the 19th-century scenario. However, cast members have confirmed that they will be turning back their wheels to the 1970’s. Something large is brewing up right under the noses of the Shield. It possibly might be a Hydra Infiltration in their defense base.

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Agents of Shield Season 7 Episode 5: Release Date

Episode 5 of Season 7 will be available on June 24th, 2020. It will be available on the ABC channel according to 10/9c local standard time.

Agents of Shield Season 7 Episode 5: Where can you watch it?

If you have subscribed to the ABC channel, then you can watch it on television. But if you are still not a subscribed member of the channel you can watch it on Hulu TV. If you are interested in watching the show on OTT Platforms, then Amazon Prime might be the perfect destination. Netflix has unfortunately aired only up to Season 6 of the show.

A prequel to the formation of the Avengers, Marvel fans would absolutely dig this show. We are all excited to see the role Phil Coulsen will play in this action drama.