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After Recovering, COVID-19 Patients Struggle to Know When to Stop Isolating

As there is an outbreak of coronavirus one question that’s prevailing is when can a patient leave isolation and return to his daily life. One study in Germany has shown that in the early stages of illness the patient had high levels of the novel coronavirus in their respiratory tract. The level of virus dropped as days passed by and after 10 days of illness, there was hardly any virus left. The study in China shows that the virus remains for 20 days but the level of virus dropped as the symptoms reduced.

The doctors still don’t know how much many levels of the virus can infect others but its generally feel like people with a low level of the virus are less contagious. Its generally said that 7 days since the last symptom is the time the person should be isolated. But Relying on the symptoms to check for coronavirus is not good because coronavirus can come and go and also the disease can come back with new symptoms.

This shape-shifting nature of the virus makes it hard to tell when the person is fit to leave the house. Some patient recovers and then again have shortness of breath so the patient should wait for three days to find out whether he is recovering or not.

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According to guidelines if someone is leaving self-isolation then he should have simultaneous two tests negative for coronavirus and these two tests should be done at a difference of 24 hours and such a person should have a check for it on regular basis. The guidelines for the isolation of people is expected to change regularly as the scientist continue to research about the virus.