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After Meeting With Meek Mill at Hotel Kanye West Tweets Seems Trying to Divorce Kim Kardashian

This Quarantine period has seen many divorce cases being filed. Relationships which were quite rosy and fruitful has become sour and has taken a turn for the worse. Many Hollywood superstars have got linked to suspicious claims about having affairs. This has led to divorces all across people citing emotional unrest being the prime cause behind the creation of this situation.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West Living Separately

The popular couple is living separately as it seems. The incidents took a turn for the worse when Kardashian met Meek Mills. After their meeting, Kanye and Kim have had a disagreement which has led to trust issues being arisen and a lack of belongingness has been felt by the couple. Kanye said to the media that both he and Kim have had little fights and cutthroat discussions which have not yielded positive results. Thus the couple has mutually decided that they should stay apart from each other. In this manner time alone can heal the distance between them.

What has Meek Mill said?

Meek Mill used an audible expletive in a tweet to describe his feelings about the issue. He accused Kanye of falsely blaming him for the development of discourse in his relationship with his wife. Mill said that he and Kim had met in the hotel and they have had no intimate relationship to say the least. It was just a formal meeting and a get-together. It has been blown out of proportion by West. West in a fit of disappointment also withdrew his Presidential Nomination and said that he would not be running for the President anymore.

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What has Kanye said about Kim’s mother?

Kanye said that Kim Kardashian’s mother was the wrecker in chief in this case. She knew about the issue and yet did not inform him anything about it. West compared her mother in law by referring to her as Kim Jon Kim. The reference alludes to the North Korean Director who has had a very fractious relationship with Donald Trump and America in general over the recent past. Kanye’s derogatory comments have not gone down to well with the Kardashians.