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After Life Season 3, a Treat to Fans: Get to Know All Information About the Release Date, Cast and Plot

A Netflix Original series, After Life recently came back on the digital streaming platform this month. The dark comedy show received a huge response from the critics and from the viewers of the Netflix. The show has a IMDb rating of 8.4/10 whereas on Rotten Tomatoes is has 73% ratings.

The series is created, directed and produced by talented English artist Ricky Gervais, who also stars in the show. After the airing of season 2, fans couldn’t get enough of the show. They all are eager to know about when is season three of After Life coming on Netflix. Don’t worry as we have covered up all the information regarding the next season of the show. Read to know more.

Has the Show Renewed for a Third Season?

As of now, there are no reports of the show renewed by Netflix for a third run. Also, we do know for a fact that Netflix usually keeps a track record and data analysis on the release of new season for about two – six weeks. Basically they check about the numbers of viewership the show has got and other different aspects before renewing a show for further run. So we can expect the renewal status in early June 2020.

Release date for Season 3 of After Life

The first season of After Life was released on March 8, 2019 on the streaming Titan. Then the show got renewed for a second run and the Season two was released this year in April 24.

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No updates regarding an official release of third season been disclosed as the show hasn’t been renewed. And the ongoing pandemic crisis will only delay the shooting and production for season three. But we can expect the release date to fall somewhere in April or May 2021.

Cast for After Life Season 3

In season 3, we expect majority of cast from second season to comeback and reprise their respective roles. Gervais would be back to play the star of the show, Tony Johnson. Supporting him in the cast would include talented actors like Diane Morgan As Kath, Mandeep Dhillon as Sandy, Paul Kaye as Tony’s psychiatrist, Ashley Jensen as Emma, David Earl as Brian.

Plot and Storyline to be Followed

In the finale episode, we saw a grieving Tony delivering an eulogy at his father’s funeral. Also he expresses his gratitude towards Emma. So we can expect some re- ignited romance between Emma And Tony, and a lot of other things are going to happen.