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After Life Season 2 : Every Possibilities, Plot and What Will Happen in Season 2 ?

This hit show produced and written by Ricky Gervais topped the charts in a short period of time. Fun filled ride with emotional moments captured the fans’ imagination.

Within weeks of its release it became one of the most loved shows on Netflix beating Stranger Games and Sex Education. Gervais sparked the possibility that there will definitely be a second season to the show.

Afterlife Season 2 Plot Details

Tony, the protagonist is bereaved after the death of his beloved wife. His agony and pain is very evident from the moment he cremates his wife.

Life takes a spin after the occurrence of this event. He becomes a frustrated individual who completely removes the filter of decency from his conversations.

Barging people with constant insults and sarcastic comments, Tony becomes unpopular among his social circle. Speaking whatever comes to mind becomes his only agenda. Season 1 of the show ended on this note when we see Tony becoming a social menace due to this attitude of his.

Plot of Season 2 will see Tony finding love in his life. Resisting the change initially he would realize his mistakes and would indulge romantically. This would help in diminishing his cynicism and make him a normal human being.

He would start laughing again and would make others around him happy. Season 2 will explore this side of a much improved emotional Tony.

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Afterlife Season 2 Cast Details

Ever charming Ricky Gervais will again star as Tony. Penelope Wilton will return as Lisa, who’ll be visible in Tony’s conscience as Lisa.

Other primary characters played will be reprised by the actors David Bradley, Ashley Jensen, Tom Basden and Tony Way.

Reportedly a few new faces will be seen in the second season of this show. However the casting list has still not been updated and more information is yet to be released by the officials behind the show.

Afterlife Season 2 Release Date

There will be six episodes in Season 2 of this show. Previous Season had 6 episodes as well. Maker’s of the show confirmed on social media that it will release on 24th April.
Fans would definitely throng and binge watch it as they did for Season 1. Gervais is keeping the fans updated on his Twitter handle with constant speculations and short teasers of the show.