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After Kim Jong Dead Will Sister Kim Yo-Jong Will Run North Korea

An unconfirmed rumour about the North Korea leader Kim Jong-un’s death has been surfacing through different sources. The rumour about the death of the North Korean leader began swirling since the time Kim Jong-un was unable to attend the celebration of the founding of the country on April 15. Now the question that is on everyone lips is that who will take up his post after him. According to rumours Kim Jong-un sister Kim Yo Jong could be the next in line to take up power.

Who Is Kim Yo Jong?

She represented North Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and she became the first immediate member from the ruling family of North Korea to visit Seoul and delivered a message from her brother side in which she invited South Korean President Moon Jae-in to a summit. It’s been said that she could be a good leader for North Korea and global media has termed her “Ivanka Trump of North Korea”. Kim Yo Jong is the architect of Kim Jong-un’s public image and she has been credited to make Kim Jong-un supreme leader after Kim Jong-il suffered two strokes in 2008.

Ms Kim has pushed the same propaganda which Kim Jong-un believes in. Last month he called South Korea a “frightened dog barking”. In 2014 Kim Yo Jong became the director of the ruling Workers Party’s department of propaganda and agitation. Her work is to popularise North Korea propaganda and to boost his image and give his enemy proper answer. In 2017 she became an alternate member of the Politburo which is the party’s most senior ruling committee, she is the only second woman after her aunt to hold this post. This post has given her even greater power over state security.

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Will She Be Able to Hold Power:

According to Lee Byong-Chul who is a former South Korea presidential adviser on national security issues it is unthinkable that North Korea will go for a female leader. According to him, it is impossible for her to control the old male general without the help of his brother. It is possible that her uncle Kim Pyong or Choe Ryong Hae who is the nominal head of state may take over the power. But still important in North Korea that the family member should hold power and Kim Jo Yong has shown previously that she can hold the power.