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After 2 We Collided Story and Cast Information

Romantic movies tend to spur our imagination like no other. It has all the core elements to make us angry, emotional, happy and content at the same time frame. However, a good romantic movie or series is based primarily on the chemistry between the lead pair. Whenever we hear of romantic movies we are reminded of Gone with the Wind. A Sociopolitical classic which showed the kind of mentality a people from the previous generation had. Then came the mammoth hit in the form of Titanic. A movie that transcended time, love and space, it became one of the highest-grossing and most successful movies of all time. After 2 We Collided will be following the same line of romance and passion. Here are some updates you should know before watching the sequel.

After 2 We Collided: Plot

The story of the movie is based on the love story between two young teenagers. They are Hardin Scott and Tessa Young. Like any other traditional love story, there is betrayal, deceit and lies. And there is also love, passion and desire. The entire elemental points culminate in one big cinematic experience. Directors of the movie have confirmed that many fans were disappointed in seeing a lack of chemistry between the lead characters in the previous movie. But they have promised that the sequel to the movie would be much steamier and hot. There would definitely be some intimate love scenes that would enhance the realistic aspects and chords which the directors want to touch in humans through the portrayal of this story.

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After 2 We Collided: Release Date

Filming for the movie had completed in September 2019. Since then it was supposed to be released in early 2020. But owing to the Coronavirus infection and Pandemic situation, the release of the movie was postponed. It is highly critical to tell now when the movie would be releasing. However, the bets are on that it would be out by the end of this year. There are no updates as of now regarding the release of the movie.

After 2 We Collided: Cast Details

Hero Finneas Tiffin would be playing the role of Hardin Scott. Josephine Langford will be donning the hat of Tessa Young. Other associate characters would be played by Candice King, Charlie Weber and Selma Blair. There would be many other prominent actors who would be joining the entire casting list in addition to the aforementioned ones.