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Adventure Time: Distant Lands Episode 3 Release Date and spoilers

Adventure Time has truly been one of the most iconic shows in Television Network history. With a running span of almost eight years, it has truly transcended generations. The iconic Cartoon Network is looking for a re run of the show on HBO Max. Many of the characters who have played primary roles in the previous installments are returning. They will turn out to be the biggest crowd catchers. It is also confirmed that Ice King and Lumpy Space Princess would be returning alongside the primary characters. That in itself is a news which gives great excitement. In addition to that, here are some important details you should know about the re run of the show.

Adventure Time Distant Lands Episode 3: Plot

This episode of Adventure Time has been titled Wizard City. In this episode we will see Peppermint Butler, getting admitted to the school of witchcraft and wizardry. However, he is just a novice student who is still unknown to the rules and regulations of the school. Thus, a mysterious case lands upon the school and Butler is made to blame for this mistake. He must now take the onus on himself to clear his name. In that process, Pep will have to hone his skills in the form of mystical arts and magical spells. Only by learning what is required from these spells, can he pronounce the incantations and make the wrong things right.

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Adventure Time Distant Lands Episode 3: Release Date

There is no specific date for the release of the show. Initially it was announced that the show is going to release somewhere around May. That looks like a postponed timeline by now owing to the uncertain situation surrounding the Pandemic. Thus, it is now unclear when the project is going to make a proper scheduled release. Till then keep the lid on your excitement and wait for the show with bated breath.

Adventure Time Distant Lands Episode 3: Is the Teaser out?

Yes the teaser for the show is already out. It has shown some glimpses of what we can expect from this re run version of the show. At the end of the show, the letters BMO appear. This means that it is going to be the primary character appearing in the show who would be supporting the associate characters.