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Adele Weight Loss 2020 Diet: How We Can Follow Them

Adele, over the last decade has become a true global cultural icon for many. Shooting to fame in 2008, her popularity has also been on an upward rise. With songs like Set fire to Rain, Someone like You and Rolling in the Deep, she has earned countless Grammy nominations. Also winning many of them, she truly has curved out her path as one of the greatest of modern times.

Adele’s physique as we all know has always been on the bulkier side. The singer has never been perturbed about this and has slammed body shaming. However recent photos of her birthday celebration suggest that she has remarkably shed a lot of weight. This new demeanor of Adele is receiving mixed response from the legions of fans that she has.

How Much Weight Has Adele Lost?

After having a divorce lawsuit with her husband, Adele was seen spending more me time. In interviews she said that she was able to devote much more time to her music now. In her 2020 birthday, she had organized a grand celebration in a beach party. Paparazzi as usual had reached there to click photographs of the celebrities that had gathered there.

In one of the shocking photographs we can see Adele standing with James Corden and Harry Styles. In there, it is quite clearly visible that Adele is looking much slimmer and thinner. Then in an interview she disclosed that she had lost a lot of weight. After the social media was abuzz with this new look of hers, she disclosed the amount of weight she had lost. It was about three stone.

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What Diet Did Adele Follow to Lose Weight?

In a recent interview in a health magazine, Adele said that she had followed a Sirtfood Diet. Sirtfood Diet basically consists of eating plant foods like kale and buckwheat. It generally suppresses the desire of hunger or appetite in a body. What it also does is to dominate the skinny genes in any human body. Adele said that she no longer ate fried foods and drank beer, which was high on fat. Instead she focused on eating vegetables. Chocolate and Red Wine formed a routine part of her diet. This was because both these items have a high amount of sirtuin in them. Upon leaving such foods, she felt more relaxed and in communion with her body.

Was Hypnotherapy a Way out for Losing Weight by Adele?

There were reports that Adele was visiting a famous hypnotherapist to attend sessions. But when asked about this, she brushed them off as rumours. The famous doctor who had previously worked with many eminent personalities also declined to comment on this issue. Whatever may be the techniques, Adele sure is looking way better and healthy than she was.