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Adele New Photo in Weight Loss Has Revealed for Her Upcoming Music Releases

In recent moments Adele’s weight loss has been a talk of real conjecture. It has been noted recently, that she has followed a strict dietary regime to make this weight loss successful. With a completely new look Adele has still been able to retain her charm and cut cheek sense of humor. In a recent video posted on her social media handles, we can see her enjoying her quarantine time. The following details would help you guide through more through how she is spending her time in isolation.

Adele’s Recent Social Media Posts

On social media, Adele made a post. She posted two pictures providing different captions for each. In the first one she is seen listening to some of her own pre-recorded TV shows. Adele is seen to enjoy how much the audience loved her performances. Concert tickets would get completely sold out whenever there was an announcement that she was appearing in one of them. In the second video, she is seen dancing and grooving to the tune of her one of her songs. In that particular post, Adele is wearing normal outfits and is completely without makeup. She is looking amazingly beautiful with her beautiful bright smile and is enjoying the emotional and mental space she is in. The 32-year-old multiple Grammy winner is enjoying creating and being involved with making music.

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Her Cheeky Comment to the Fan

One of her ardent fans commented on her post. After seeing the video, he asked her whether her song will release sometime soon in the future. To which, Adele replied by saying that it was a time of self-quarantine. He should wear his mask, stay at home and be patient since it would be a considerable period of time before her new album is out.

Music Events and Live Performances Canceled

Due to the Coronavirus issue, Adele has delayed her album release. It was supposed to be released in September. That looks like a nonprobable situation for now as there is no guarantee when the release can be slotted. Many other musicians have also delayed their release of albums. They include Sam Smith and Lady Gaga. Premium music events like the Coachella and the Stagecoach music festival have been canceled during this time period.