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Actress Naomi Scott From Power Rangers : Learn About Her Personal Life, Career, Net Worth and Everything a Fan Should Know

Naomi Scott is known for being an Actress. She is also a vocalist born in England. Naomi has played the role of Princess Jasmine in the latest adaptation of Aladdin by Disney. She did it well and has gained a lot of attention after the movie released. Besides that, her current net worth is around $3 million.

Naomi Scott’s Early Life

She was born in London, England on May 6th, 1993. The community in which she was born was Hounslow. As a matter of fact, her mother is Gujrati and her name is Usha Scott while her father is Christopher Scott. She has done a lot of voluntary work including missionary and outreach activities.

Naomi Scott’s Career Life

Naomi first ever movie was Life Bites and that one received positive reviews from the audience and critics. Besides that, she also acted in Charlie’s Angels. After that, she got a very big break in Aladdin. She played the role of Princess Jasmine. Aladdin made around $1 billion and that really put Naomi’s career ahead. She acted along with Will Smith who is an awesome actor. This gave her an edge and put her career ahead on the success track.

One of the biggest things for me was that she was also a part of Power Rangers. Personally, my childhood was awesome because of them.

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She has won several awards. For instance, Saturn Award, and more.

Naomi Scott’s Personal Life

Naomi is married to Jordan Spence. They dated for several years and later, she decided to marry him. She was also part of the Bridge Church Young People. It is a band and she used to sing with them. She also acted here and there.

People really like her because of her beauty and her compassion. She has gained a lot fans over the years. However, she is still committed to work hard and become something more for herself and her fans. She has her own slogan which helps her to stay on the right path. She also considers her family to be very important. Besides this, she has made great choices in movies and hopes to continue this chain for as long as possible.

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