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Aaron Carter’s Girlfriend Melanie Martin, Arrested as She Abuse Over Domestic Violence

The famous singer Aaron Carter’s girlfriend is arrested by the officers in Los Angeles this Sunday, at night because of domestic violence.

Someone report that some dispute over domestic violence is happening in Aaron Carter’s home and the officers reach there, this news is confirmed by Fox news.

The news is also that now she is on bail and her bail is the cost of 50,000$.

Aaron Carter also posted on tweeter about it, in his tweet he said that domestic violence is not acceptable it is over a female or a male, he also called Melanie, a cheater in his tweet.

He said that he is shocked by her behavior and not accepting this from her. Aaron said that he harassed him and also broke the leg of her dog.

She clearly said that she cheated on him and also post a video about the arresting of Melanie.

Carter also posts many pictures with her girlfriend Melanie, before their break up and before all this happen with him.

He also posts a pic in which Melanie’s name is written over his eye.

Well now, this is the end, they are not together now because to one deserve the same bad behavior by their partner or by anyone in their life.

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Domestic violence is also not acceptable in society by anyone.