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‘A Whisker Away’ When Will Netflix Release Date Be Out, Know About Cast and Plot

Netflix is bringing us a new anime series. Anime series is always in demand among fans. This new anime series is titled ‘ A whisker away’.

Co director  – Junichi Sato and Tomotaka Shibayama 

Writer–  Mari Okada.

The official release date for ‘A Whisker away’ :

This charming anime series ‘ A whisker away ‘ will be available on Netflix soon. It is going to be released in June i.e. on 18th June 2020. This is the confirmed date for the release of ” A whisker away” series.

Earlier it was going to release in theatres in Japan but the current coronavirus situation has canceled its release in theatres. Netflix has managed to make the debut of the series on the streaming platform for the whole world.

Casts to be seen in ‘A Whisker away’ series:

  • Miyo Sasaki / Taro   ( Mirai Shida   )
  • Keno Hinode             (   Natsuki Hanae   )
  • Cat Storekeeper     ( Kouichi Yamadera  )
  •   Kusugi-sensei.      ( Hiroaki Ogi   )
  • Yoriko Fukase.    (  Minako Kotobuki )
  •  Masamichi Isami    (Kensho Ono   )
  • Yōji Sasaki             (  Susumu Chiba   )
  • Kaoru Mizutani    (Ayako Kawasumi   )
  • Miki Saitō            (   Sayaka Ohara   )
  • Tomoya Sakaguchi    (Daisuke Namikawa)

The English dub for the series has not been announced yet. Even it’s English dub casts are not even out.

The storyline of ‘A Whisker away’

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This series focuses on a high school student Miyo Sasaki who fell in love with one of her classmates’ keno Hinode ….but he never pays attention to her, always ignores her. Miyo was failed to get the attention of keno as a human. Then Miyo found a mask that can change her into a cat whose name was taro ….and the cat catches the attention of keno. Miyo always wants to spend more time with keno so she started transforming herself into a cat more rapidly Even she put herself in risk to get the attention of keno, the risk was that she will not be able to transform back into a human if once the boundaries will be crossed.

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