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A Sci-Fi Sequel for Bomber Crew All You Need to Know

The simulation game Bomber Crew finally gets a sequel announcement on Saturday’s Future Games Show event. With a trailer already released for the sequel, it looks quite fun actually. This time it is getting a space-themed version which is futuristic as far as it goes.

As the name says the crew is meant for space and you’ll be taken away to a place where space travels are common. In space, you’ll have to face many threats including the likes of Aliens whom you have to fight in the game. Get ready for some quick space fights where you need a proper strategy.

The Scifi Game is challenging

You’ll solely be responsible for the fate of your space crew members so stay vigilant and it surely gets challenging as you go in. That’s not being said by us, it is what is written in its description.

“Like the first game, Space Crew is as hard as it is cute with players having to direct their crew in the heat of battle and upgrade their abilities across multiple missions in a procedurally generated campaign which ensures no two missions are alike.”

If you’re a Scifi fan then surely you will be happy as this game will provide you with all the sci-fi that you could expect of the game.

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First Released in 2017

The Bomber Crew was first released on October 19, 2017. It followed the release of its two packs to go with the real-time simulation game. Bomber Crew Secret Weapons and Bomber Crew: USAAF  was launched on December 15, 2017, and October 23, 2018, respectively. The game had garnered mixed reviews among the fans and critics alike in the past. So it would be interesting to see how it performs this time around now that they have come up with a pretty exciting theme to make it futuristic. There will be a lot more customizations option to make your experience easier. It would be released on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC that could happen in the latter half of the year, the confirmation which is not known yet.