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A Rescue Mission : Joyce Moves Towards Russia to Bail out Hopper in Stranger Things Season 4

During these times, every single thing seems interesting. This is also the perfect time for teasers and trailers for different TV shows and movies to come out. That is what happened with Stranger Things. The show-runners released a teaser which has gotten fans really excited. The reason is that it has Hopper. Yes! David Harbour is coming back. It is also confirmed that the ‘American’ is none other than Hopper.

As of now, there is some information that Joyce will go to Russia in order to rescue Hopper. However, there is something more. She won’t be going alone. She will be with Murray Bauman.

The Stranger Things Season 3 Ending

Most of the fans, including myself, though that Hopper died at the end. He died trying to save Joyce. We all thought that in order to switch off the machine which could have destroyed everything, he was the one who sacrificed himself.

However, there were so many theories rolling out. Some said he is really dead while some really creatively made him alive. Some even said that he escaped.

What Were the Possibilities That Hopper Was Alive?

When Joyce told about Murray’s number, there was an open line. This clearly gave us something more. It was a message for her.

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It was easy to know that it was regarding the incident and Joyce had to know something important. Joyce was actually behind the search for Hopper. She wants to know what happened to him and believes that he is out there somewhere.

She turns out to be right. Hopper is very much alive and she will find him.

Is There More?

Russians are the big enemies right now. They must be dealt with. Right now, the priority is to bring back Hopper and save him. We could also see some romance between Joyce and, you know who.

There is not much info regarding the story of the upcoming season of Stranger Things. The ongoing pandemic must have stopped the production. However, we hope that they can quickly get back on the track after there is some relief.
Go ahead and watch the trailer to see all of this yourself and get ready to see more of Stranger Things.

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