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A piece of good news for all the DC Fans “Joker 2″will be released soon

Joker is a psychological thriller movie directed and produced by Todd Phillips.  Scott Silver is the co-writer of this movie. The story of the movie is based on DC Comics, and the performance of the Joaquin phoenix is outstanding as a joker.

Some words about the movie

The character of the joker follows Arthur Fleck, a failed stand-up comedian whose madness and negativism entertains the audience. The movie Joker has faced an impressive meet, maybe due to the controversy about the movie, and for its place in present orthodox society.

Stars of the movie

The studio behind this movie is stuffed with choices of phoenix so, the movie is being tipped for the Oscar for his prosperity. Zazie Beetz will also return this time as the role of jokers neighbour, Sophie. It was exposed by the Phillips, that the joker was not killing her because it would not be logical for him to skip out from jail.


When it comes to expectations, then it seems to be ambiguous as, towards its finishing, Arthur was bolted up and changed into an eponymous villain. In the last seen he was captured by the police in the Arkham state hospital.

There seems space for the spin-off, as joker request that Murray stay him alive, and the chance for him to escape from the medical clinic is always available for him.

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We cannot assure the audience that Bruce Wayne must experience childhood to endorse his peoples. So, this is all that the audience can expect from the movie “Joker 2”.


Now comes, in the end, the movie is coming soon. As we all enjoyed much the first part of this movie and now the second season is also in the queue. So, there is a piece of good news for all the DC fans who are eagerly waiting for the “Joker 2”.