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A Lady From Dubai Challenged Mumbai Police Over Sushant Singh Rajput Know What She Says in His Video

With the release of Sushant Singh Rajput’s final movie Dil Bechara, speculations of his death cause are again ripe. What looked a suicide from severe depression is slowly unfolding out to become a murder. Sources say there is a high amount of conspiracy working in the case and that there has been widespread malpractice. The CBI has taken up the case, which in recent memory is one of the most controversial cases in Indian media. Here is what a lady from Dubai decoded after the death of Sushant.

Indications of Murder by Assault

The lady from Dubai who has made the allegations is a Forensic expert. She pointed out to the fact that during suicides the eyes and tongues of the victim are always protruding. However the body of Sushant that has been recovered has Sushant with half-close eyes. On the other hand there is clear marks of bruises on his forehead and his lower lip. With that the strangulation marks that have appeared around the neck are not at all common for a suicide victim. It must have been administered by someone who had assaulted Sushant.

Allegations on Mumbai Police

The Mumbai Police officials have been under tremendous pressure since the case surfaced. The lady has allegedly said that there has been widespread tampering of evidence. The story behind the juice and the games prior to that are all false according to her claims. She said that there is some high-level conspiracy working in the case of Sushant. Eminent Personalities like Salman Khan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty have been interrogated post the suicide incident. Even the fact that the police are not authorized to untie the body from the knot has been mentioned by the lady. She said that only a forensic expert or a team of detectives has the authority to investigate the body before further proceedings take place.

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Future for the Case

In what looked like a suicide is slowly turning out to be a murder mystery. The constant interrogation and questioning episodes point to the fact that there might have been some malicious intention behind the act. It has truly become one of the most documented cases in the history of Indian media television.