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A Korean Web Series Why Is My Secret Terrius Trends in the UK

TV shows appearing on Netflix are guaranteed to create hype and excitement. But My Secret Terrius is quickly surging through the list of top shows in the UK. The reason apart from the content seems something else.

Reason Behind My Secret Terrius on Netflix becoming UK’s Top 10

This Korean Drama is increasingly becoming a rage among fans. News of its sudden popularity has gone viral over the last few months. More so than its content, one specific scene in Season 10 is doing rounds.

Mention of Coronavirus and it’s dooming impact on society is mentioned. It has led many people to believe that the show predicted the virus, as a man-made biological weapon by China. This specific episode shows how damaging the pandemic can be, leading to the wiping out of humanity.

TV shows in the past have had a great resemblance to real-life events. The Simpsons have shown Donald Trump’s Presidential Rule continuously.

Movies like Contagion and Parasite have displayed how a virus can lead to human extinction. Chinese scientists creating these viruses as weapons of mass destruction are one of the prime conspiracy theories. People all over the world are in panic mode after seeing season 10 of this show unfold.

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