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A Heart dripping stumble by Netflix: Unstopplable Season 1

Netflix is back with another superb TV show based on the genre Mexican and Latin American TV shows maybe for all the single and powerful ladies out there just after two weeks from Valentine’s Day i.e. it will be releasing on 28 February 2020.


The show is based on 3 friends (Vera, Rocio, and Carlota) unfulfilled from their daily lives, plans to take the trip and an uninvited guest (Marcela) join them as seen from the trailer. Vera has gone absurd with work pressure that she has to go through every day and Rocio seems to be too maddened with her wedding and her fiancé, and lastly, Carlota is anxious with the societal pressure of being perfect and pretty always, and they seem to be wanting to take a break from all of this tragic things in their life. They come forward with many disastrous incidents. The show is described to be quirky and emotional and will be portraying the bold side of today’s women out there.
However, the plot reminds us of the web series THE TRIP by Bindass featuring Mallika Dua and Sapna Pabbi with some twists and tricks. THE TRIP web series had 4 friends trying to take a break before one of them gets married. Surely we expect more from Netflix as it is labeled to be quirky. But I will choose this show over The Trip because of the fact that they focused on the frustrated women of all kinds, as in displaying all the roles, a woman of today is being played and handling and while they do this the chaos they go through.

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The cast has some really know faces including Tessa La from Narcos: Mexico, Lucia Uribe from Ready to Mingle and secret world. Also Barbara Lopez, Coty Camacho, Tomas Ruiz, and Diego Calva Hernandez.


I think this series is going to be a blast from Netflix as it will be offering so much more than regular romance and having ladies on board as the lead actors will surely be fun.
Hoping for more such amusing content from Netflix this year.