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A big blow for the Shameless fans! Will Season 11 be the last instalment of Shameless? Know the truth behind these rumours.

The shameless show follows alcoholic father Frank Gallagher and his resilient, self-reliant kids who scramble to survive. Carl decides what to do with his life. Liam is keen to learn more about the history of Black’s and their culture. 

Shameless Latest SEASON 10:

Fans are at this moment watching the 10th season of Shameless. People are enjoying the story of the unruly Gallagher family for yet another time. As we all know that a bunch of the major big stars has left the show over the past few years, it is already assumed by some of its fans about the series finally coming to an end or not.

Is Shameless Going to End After Season 11:

With fans having season number TEN on air at the instant, people are already wondering about Shameless’ end. Well, this thought has now been confirmed by the Network which announced that the show will surely be coming back for its eleventh and final outing. We have everything important that was revealed during the choice.

Actual Reason Behind Shameless Is Ending After Season 11:

On the 13th of January, the die-hard fans or Shameless got very sad news. Shameless will air one last 11th instalment and will leave its fans forever.

While speaking about this sad decision, the President says that the characters of Shameless have brought Showtime viewers more laughs and tears and pure enjoyment than any program in their history ever had. He added that at this time when he is bidding farewell to the Gallaghers with sadness, they could not be more confident in the ability of John Wells who served as showrunner of Shameless.

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Gary Levine says that he is grateful to all the fans, cast, crew and the showrunner for making this show a hit for such a long time. According to the Network, the show Shameless has been ranked number one on the Showtime and enjoyed the youngest audience of all of their ventures. However, most fans think that bringing this series to an end is not appropriate because it has already run quite a decade.