A Bengali Boy Reacts as ‘Oo Ma Go Turu Love’ Seeing Couples. It’s All Viral on Social Media as It Became a New Meme Trend

Memes are the biggest part of entertainment of social media. People don’t need any logic or any content, they can just add anything to any line and it will end up being a good content to laugh and enjoy. Even though TikTok got banned in India but Instagram has covered for TikTok. Recently a new video got famous of a small Bengali kid for reacting on a couple video. In the video he was seen as saying “oo ma go guru love”. You might be thinking that this doesn’t make any sense. In actual the kid is saying oh my god true love for the couple’s conversation.

Where did this video firstly appeared

The first appearance of that video is not known, as it is shared too much.  People are using this video as meme plate and it’s all around the social media. You might have already seen this in your social media platform. In India becoming a meme can make you really famous like this kid got famous just by saying few words.  Similar incidents can be seen like the zomato guy got famous just for smiling and saying that he makes 300 rs, soon after that one video many memes and many people portraid him.

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Social media has this strong power, it can make someone’s life or it can destroy someone’s but most if it is just limited to entertainment. If we see some example of this Bengali boy video it’s going like this. “A person asks the girl to go out for fun and she responds that she need to ask permission from her bf, next is the video getting played as making fun of that saying true love”.