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A 45-Year Old Man, Hacked to Death When Requested Individuals to Stay at Home

After the lockdown, there has been a request of peace between the people. We should follow the guidelines in order to bring things back to normal. However, there are many people all over the country who do not want to follow such rules. Some of them have gone beyond the limit for this. A man was killed by his neighbor.

About the victim

Recently, a man who was 45 years old, got stabbed to death. This happened in Uttar Pradesh at the Shamil area. The location was Mohalla Shah Mubarik. On Thursday, this man wanted people to follow the guidelines as the government stipulated. However, this innocent man’s request was not taken well.

Dainik Jagran, Hindi newspaper, stated that the man’s name was Yusuf. He requested his neighbor to stay in his home and follow the guidelines. He just wanted to keep him safe and aware. However, the neighbor attacked him.

Its beginning

Last Thursday, during the evening, some of the neighbors were roaming around the neighborhood. Yusuf requested these people to go back to their homes and follow the lockdown. However, there was a neighbor who did not like this. He started to fight with him and it just went brutal soon. The man was killed by his neighbor.

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Yusuf’s Death

The neighbor who was assaulting Yusuf went and got a knife or a knife-like weapon. He attacked Yusuf with that weapon and he ended up getting very injured. Soon, some of Yusuf’s neighbours rushed him to a nearby Health Centre. However, the doctors declared him dead due to his severe injuries. The officer at the station, PK Singh, said that Yusuf’s body has been sent for post-mortem. Some witnesses have named seven people who were allegedly involved in the assault.