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90 Day Fiance Ed and Rose Season Comes up After Meeting With Rosemarie

90 Day Fiancé is one of those uniquely formatted TV shows there is. In it couples interact with each other on social media. When their interaction does become intense, chances of developing a bond is seen. That’s when the couple’s actually meet each other and get to see if they are the ones perfect and made for each other. A strange incident happened on that show lately.

About Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega

Ed Brown was a 54 year old man who participated in this show. He had spoken to a 23 year old named Rosemarie Vega. Both interacted over social media and grew a liking for each other. Ed however said about his age and told that he was almost like Vega’s father. To which Vega replied that he was actually a year old than her father.

She however was not really interested about the age bracket to which Brown belonged. But she focused more on the connection which had been established between them. Ed too decided to give it a go and thus met this woman who was almost the age of her daughter.

What Did Ed’s Daughter Say?

When Ed told his family members that he was going to participate in this show, they were fuming. Both his ex wife and his daughter thought that he had lost his mind. His daughter Tiffany was about 29 years old. She did not give the consent to bring Vega home. Vega also had a 4 year old child. Ed however was not really interested in taking up the responsibility of the child. Thus both of them were quite shy and awkward about taking the initiative.

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Being Bullied Since a Young Age

Ed had a physical deformity since he was under fight foot tall. Since about five years old he had been bullied by his friends. Ed had been at the center of many an uncomfortable discussions about his physical structure. He himself came to the Saturday Night live show and said that people would constantly make fun of his neck. This was something he had to bear and tolerate his entire life.