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7 Seeds Season 2 will be on Netflix on 26th March!

2020 has been a banging start for Netflix. Many shows are lined up for it’s release in 2020.

Anime genre of Netflix is growing stronger day by day. Another anime is on it’s way to entertain the Viewers of Netflix.

Second season of 7 seeds will be out in next month on Netflix.

What is it About ?

‘7 Seeds’ is anime adaptation of Japanese manga series by same name. Yami Tamura is the writer and the illustrator of the series

The manga series is adopted into television series by Gonzo with direction of Yukio Takahashi. The announcement of it’s adaptation was official in November 2018.

What is the plot of the series ?

The revolves around the timeline after apocalypse. 7 seeds stands for 7 members of a group of cryogenic preservation to revive the Human life after apocalypse.
After astronomers foresee the clash of earth with an meteorite, japanese government develop a plan to preserve human life after destruction. They preserve healthy young people via cryogenics and will be trained for survival.

The show is about the survival of those 7 seeds after they wake up from their long cryogenic seeds and find themselves in a environment barely feasible for their human survival.

The first season had 12 episodes.

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Cast of the show

Nao Tōyama plays Natsu Iwashimizu.
Jun Fukuyama plays Arashi Aota.
Katsuyuki Konishi plays Semimaru Asai.
Yoko Soumi plays Botan Saotome.
Kana Asumi plays Matsuri Tendō.
Akira Ishida plays Chimaki Yamori.
Aoi Yūki plays Hotaru Kusakuri.

When will the second season release ?

The second is scheduled to release on 26th March 2020. It will be back on Netflix nearly a year after the release of first season which was in June 2019.