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55-Year-Old Assaults Two Minor Sisters

The number of assault and molestation cases at are peak in India currently. India, the same country that gives the utmost respect to goddesses and is constantly trying to empower women in one way or another. We witness a number of crimes every single day inspite of the great efforts put in by the government.

Another such case came in from Mumbai this week where a 55-year-old neighbor continuously harassed two sisters by offering them money as bait and inviting them over to his house and then later molesting them. He would also then warm and threaten them to keep quiet about the whole incident.

One day the mother finally realized something was strange with her daughters. She started interrogating one of the daughters and she blurted everything out. As soon as the other daughter heard of this, she also told about similar things happening with her.

The mother, then in shock went ahead and reported everything to the police and now the accused is rotting in jail for various charges. Further investigation is also in place.

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