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5 Differences Between The Bourne Identity Book and Movie

It has been more than 15 years since Bourne Identity was released. The film was received well by the critics and the audience. The movie is a spy thriller and it is based on Robert Ludlum’s novel which had the same name. The author died back in 2001 and sadly, never got to see his book being shown everywhere as a movie.

Tony Gilroy and William Blake Heron made some changes while they wrote the screenplay for Bourne Identity. Some things were not as same as they were in the book. Here are some of the main differences for you.

Jason Bourne’s treatment after he was found at the start

During the movie, we see Bourne has suffered some injuries. Now, they were not that bad as the captain was able to treat him alone and also sailed through the sea. Jason recovers in a couple of weeks while the boat continues to sail. His shooters must be amateurs, I guess. After all, Jason is a cunning spy.

However, in the book, Jason had critical injuries. One bullet was in his head! He spent around six months recovering. Every single detail about his injuries and treatment were talked about in the book. His amnesia, weaknesses, and every suffering he endured during that time.

How Jason met Marie

During the movie, Jason goes to a German woman whose name was Marie Kreutz. He offers her $20,000 in order to drive him to Paris. He wants her to do in her Mini Mayfair MKV. They go together and they do not know that one day, they will fall in love and it will end in a pretty bad way.

However, in the book, all of this was a bit different. Maria is a French-Canadian woman. She has a different surname. She is called Marie St. Jacques. In the book, Jason steals some car and takes Marie hostage while forcing her to drive that car.

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Jason and Marie’s capture

In the movie, there is no scene were Jason and Marie are captured and tortured. However, in the book, they are captured, abused and tortured. They do escape them in a pretty bold way.

Main setting of the story

During Bourne Identity, Jason finds out that before he was shot and forgot his identity, he was an assassin. His name was John Michael Kane. His task was to kill an African dictator whose name was Nykwana Wombosi. However, because of conscience, he did not kill him. He saw Wombosi with his kids. He ran, he was shot twice and ended up in the sea.

In the book, Bourne had a fake name, he was called Cain. Yep, like Cain and Abel. He was part of a mission called Treadstone Seventy-One. His task was challenging an international terrorist known as Carlos The Jackal. The Jackal becomes the main enemy of Bourne in the novel.

Final Ending

In the end, both in the book and movie, Jason and Marie have fallen in love. In the book, Jason lives with Marie but worries about her safety. He has guards around his house in order to protect her as he is the only person who has seen The Jackal.

However, in the movie, Jason resign from the project and lives his own life. He finds Marie in Mykonos where she rents scooters to tourists. They reunite and try to live happily. That is, before Marie is murdered in the second part.

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