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5 Best Netflix Original Series You Should Watch These Days

It must be pretty boring for you these days. This time may or may not come again so you should utilize it. Here are the top 5 Netflix originals for you to watch. 😀

This Is List Is Not Ranked at All. According to Me, Each Show Is Special in Its Own Genre.

Lost in Space

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to colonise another planet, this show ain’t for you. This is much better! It is about a group of families who are travelling to another planet. They have evacuated their main ship in order to be safe from an attack. They get stuck on a special planet. A family, the Robinsons set out to bring people back to space safely.

The show is paced perfectly and will keep you engaged. I found that the bonding between family is shown here and it is pretty powerful. Two seasons of this show are currently available for you to watch right now. The storytelling is fantastic. Intense scenes keep you on the edge.


If you like Stranger Things then you will probably like Dark too. It has some aspects which are same as Stranger Things but it is unique too. There are a ton of mysteries in the show but at the same time you won’t know what is really going on. It may seem like some things are same like the TV show you have watch but believe me it is not the same. It is creepy and mysterious. That is enough for me to watch it.

Russian Doll

If you have watched Supernatural, do you remember an episode where Sam and Dean are stuck in a loop. In that loop, they die and everything resets. This show is like that. Nadia is stuck in a constant loop where she dies at the end. Always. She cannot get of the loop. She keeps reliving her 36th birthday party. It is pretty much a show containing different genres. The creators have combined multiple genres to create a very special show.

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Don’t you like when, at the end of a crime-drama show’s episode, you find out who did it? Well, this is show is for you. It is not really focused on who did it but why did they do it. It is based on the real events.

The show is about two FBI agents who travel and interview murderers. They try to figure out why these murderers did it. Basically, they create a system to categorize murderers. This show is mind-bending and unique. It will keep the crime tv show audience engaged. This is the one to binge during these days.


Do you love when a show is involves a superhero? Do you like a show that depicts reality? Daredevil is just that. Every fight scene has some consequence for our friendly superhero. Matt Murdock was blinded as a child. He now fights bad men in court during the day and in back alleys during the night.

This show cleverly shows how even superheroes can be affected. It is not one pow and the enemy goes through a building. The fight scenes are just mmmmm and you will love the storytelling and the characters.