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4-Year Old Abused by Older Cousin Brother

Child abuse, molestation and assault are one of the most heinous crimes that could ever be committed by the mankind. The assaulted being sincere and innocent and having absolutely no knowledge of this never even come to know what has actually happened with them. They’re being taken advantage of at great levels, whenever and wherever the molester wants to.

Another such crime was reported from the father of a 4-year-old (victim) from Lyari, Karachi. It is believed that she was allegedly assaulted and molested by her older cousin brother.

The father came to horrors and immediately complained about the case in the police and is hoping for justice.

The little girl was with her mom at the molester’s house and when the mother stepped out for some chores the molester went ahead and took advantage of the victim. Later, he even threatened her to not utter a word and told her if she would do something he would have her killed.

When the mother of the victim came back home she found her lying on the floor and immediately knew something was wrong. She informed her father the very next moment.

The father and the mother both lay in shock when the discovered the actual reason and had the accused arrested and handed over to the police. Further investigation is being done, and everyone hopes that justice is served.

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The saddest part is that such crimes take place on a regular basis and such cases of child abuse are always disheartening to hear. The family members too can be such cruel and madmen to do such things that too a young child.