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3KG Meteorite Fall in India Rajasthan Here What We Know So Far

This year has been the reservoir of unexpected surprises and unfortunate events. Since the beginning of the year, we have remained engulfed by the far-reaching impacts of the Coronavirus. Then there was speculation that a meteor-like object much bigger than our planet would be passing very closely from our planet, causing significant outer damage to our planet. Then came the plight of the cyclone Amphan, which had catastrophic consequences in places like West Bengal and some other districts of Eastern India.

3kg meteorite fell in Rajasthan

On Friday in the morning, it was found that a huge meteorite object had fallen on the Sachore region in Rajasthan. Initially after dropping the locales were warded off upon hearing the thumping sound that the fall of the object had created. It was a massive explosion which made all the villagers of the place aware. When they found out the residue if the meteor it weighed around 2.78 kg and was flaming hot. They let the heat of the object subside for a considerable period if time and then informed the police and press about it.

What Did the Administrative Officials Say?

Sub Divisional Magistrate of the State confirmed that it was an extraterrestrial meteor or object. It had fallen upon the land and after reducing heat, it was packed in a proper containment plastic and sent off to the police. They said that now the particle was under police custody and assured the public that proper steps would be taken in this direction.

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Composition of the Object

The meteor-like material which fell on the surface comprised of objects like Nickel, Germanium, Platinum and Iron. Proportions of the object through which the particle is made justify the fact that it was a meteorite object which had semblance to the properties of the above mentioned separate compounds and objects.