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Daredevil to be part of Spider-Man 3 ? Will Charlie Cox feature in the next web-slinger movie ?

Sony has announced the release date for Spider-Man 3. It will hit the big screen on July 26,2021.

Fans are already rejoicing as their beloved Spidey is back in Marvel Cinematic Universe. For the upcoming movie of Web-Slinger , many fan theories are cooking up.

It seems that Daredevil will be in the SpiderMan 3 as Peter’s lawyer. There is nothing confirmed yet but according to fan theories Charlie Cox will make a comeback.

After three seasons in Netflix, Daredevil has been cancelled all thanks to the clashes between netflix and marvel. So SpiderMan 3 will be a good comeback for Charlie Cox.

Daredevil with his Red horns, hyper senses, and superb fighting skills make a great ally for Spider-Man. More than his super powers, it’s his lawyer skills that have fans waiting for his appearance in the next movie.

Daredevil aka Matt Murdock’s brilliant legal mind can be put to work on Spidey’s well being. In Far From Home as the Mysterio has revealed identity of Peter Parker being superhero, he might need a laywey. Who else can be better than Daredevil !!
Matt Murdock operates his law firm quietly and without any marketing strategy.

In the comics , Daredevil had joined the avengers and had helped them out with their mission.

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Charlie Cox in one interview said that it will be fun to play the part in a scene where Matt proves himself not being Daredevil by bringing Spider-Man into court wearing his suit in comic books.
So is he actually going to be the part of movie ?

In the Trial of the Incredible Hulk , we were introduced to Daredevil and we all loved him since then. Although there is one more choice for Spider-Man’s legal Ally, She-Hulk, fans are eagerly waiting for Daredevil to show up with Spidey