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Hyena season 1 to air on Netflix on 22 February!

Crime thriller Korean drama Hyena is be coming on Netflix on 22nd February 2020.

Hyena is a story related to the lawyers in South Korea and their money minded ambitions.

Kim Roe Ri  has written the screenplay for the show while Zhang Tae Yu has done the direction. He is also famous for works in Four men and You who come.

What will be the plot of the Show ?

The plot of the show revolves around private lawyers who are very competitive and only work of richest part of society that is only 1%.

The story is about laywer Jung Geum who is a true Hyena as she Chases after success and money regardless of what she has to do.she crosses every boundary of law and lawless was, Justice and injustice, ethics and corruption for her own good.

  The show will also feature Yoon HeeJae who is a successful and confident laywer. He is also a hyena as he uses his abilities and powers to support the highest in the land.

The show is about corruption, money making and filthy politics for the money.

Release date of the show

It will first appear on Netflix on 22nd February 2020. There are 16 episodes , each of 70mins run in the first season. Two episodes will air weekly on Saturday – Sunday. The episode will first release and Korea and then it will appear on next day on Netflix. First episode will air on 21st February in Korea.

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After four years of long break actress Kim Hye Soo returns for Hyena. The show also features the Prince Chang in kingdom – Joo ji Hoon.

Lee Kyung Young, Kim Ho Jung, Song Young Kyu, Jun Suk Ho, Hyun Bong Shik, Jung Ji Hwan, Jung Dong Geun and Park Joo Ho will be accompanying them in the show.


Trailer is out now ! Watch it on the link below.